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At ML Commercial Services Ltd, we’re proud to be an Approved Brigade Service Partner.  Customer satisfaction is our top priority so if you have questions about these products, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Backeye 360 Cameras

Brigades 360 Backeye cameras solve the problem of hidden blind spots. Using brand new technology they take vehicle safety to the next level.

360 Systems are intelligent camera monitor products designed to assist low speed manoeuvrability by providing the driver with a real-time surround view of the vehicle in a single image.

Presenting all-round visibility in one image saves the driver or operator having to process information from several mirrors or monitors in quick succession, making it easier to spot and assess possible hazards.

Rear View Camera

The rear blind spot is a massive problem regardless of the vehicle or machine being operated. Brigade's Rear cameras prevent costly reversing collisions, reduce vehicle damage and assist with safer and easier manoeuvring.

rear view camera.jpg

Side View Camera

Nearside blind spots are responsible for many collisions.
Brigade's side view cameras remove the nearside blind spot and reduce the risk of sideswipe collisions when turning.

Front View Camera

Due to the elevation of driver positions of many trucks, a blind spot often exists to the front. Front view cameras ensure front view blind spot requirements are met, and reduces front vehicle damage.



Monitors are a vital component of ensuring safety, giving the driver the necessary information about the vehicle's surroundings. Brigade monitors come in a variety of sizes to suit your vehicle, and are compatible with the wide selection of cameras Brigade offer.

Ultrasonic Sensors

Brigade's Ultrasonic proximity sensors minimise both vehicle damage an collisions. They are perfect for commercial vehicles operating in confines spaces or manoeuvring at low speed. The detection system alerts the driver to obstacles close the the vehicle, moving or stationary. An audible or visual in-cab warning informs of the distance and an optional external speaking alarm can be added to alert cyclists and pedestrians that the vehicle is turning.

reversing alarms.jpg

Reverse and Warning Alarms

With 90% of reversing accidents occurring off-road (loading bays, lorry parks, quarry sites, warehouses etc.) there has never been a greater necessity to carry out effective risk-assessments of reversing processes.
Reversing alarms are devices to warn anyone in a vehicle’s path that it is moving backwards.


Incidents involving commercial vehicles are becoming more frequent with insurance claims being time-consuming issues for both drivers and fleet managers. A lack of solid evidence can often mean companies automatically accept liability with false claims, crash-for-cash and shrinkage now costing businesses millions each year.
Dash Cams provide evidence in the case of vehicle incidents. The palm-sized devices are easily attached to the windscreen, enabling recording of the road ahead.

MDR500-sml-1024x682 (1).jpg

Mobile Digital Recording

A lack of evidence can often means companies automatically accept liability. False claims, crash-for-cash and shrinkage are costing businesses millions a year. 
By capturing footage from vehicle-mounted cameras the Brigade Mobile Digital Recorder (MDR) offers the solution, providing irrefutable evidence in the case of an incident. Not only does this discredit staged accidents and false claims, it helps businesses support their drivers who are often the subject of scrutiny after such incidents.

For more information about our products, get in touch with our Business Development and Aftersales Manager, Jenny Lewis, on 07763 877763 or 01928 761 698

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